Our team of storyboard artists at Illozoo – Savannah

Our pre-vis team at Edit1 – New York

Our multi-platform production company at crush+lab – Los Angeles

Our international team of animation studios at Illozoo – Savannah

Our international team of illustrators, designers, painters at Illozoo – Savannah

Our international team of photographers at Pictozoo – Savannah

Claudia Conti
Founder / Executive Producer

"Claudia is a fantastic producer. She is dynamic, knowledgable, enthusiastic and a go-getter. She is very reliable and goes out of her way to keep her clients happy and coming back for more. She can multi-task like no other I have worked with.”

From Mohamed Danawi
Founder/Creative Director at Illozoo & Pictozoo

"Claudia is a visionary executive balancing impeccable taste, with passion for beauty, and a desire to serve. She scours the globe for the most talented creatives, and then takes it one step further by scouring even further for the ones who care and are cool to work with. Birds of a feather..."

From David Solomini
Partner/Executive Producer at crush+lab

"I was extremely impressed with Claudia right away. Her vision for this collective is very forward thinking and offers a wonderful new model for delivering global creative services. Her passion for achieving the highest quality work with highest level of production value to clients is very much aligned with our own philosophies and myself and the Edit 1 team are thrilled to be collaborating with her!"

From Mike Zimbard
President at Edit1

if you have missed our mission statement we are

after the ideas have been conceived, after the initial thumbnails have been
sketched (or maybe they still need to be sketched?), after the scripts are written...
then we add the pictures that make your stories come to life.

and then... is a visualization company. We make visuals, all kinds of visuals, that's what we do.
From storyboards to exquisite finished illustration to dynamic photography to
captivating motion pictures, we exist to serve the art directors who exist to serve the idea.

We are world travelers - researchers - business minded people.
We give our best to get nothing less than excellence in return.
That's who we are and passion is what moves our steps.
We deliver for you so you can deliver for your clients.

our team

Edit 1 is all about... pre-visualization.

Based in NYC, Edit 1 specializes in 3D cinematics and other forms of test commercials and animation, including 2D animatics, live action, and digital content creation. They can start from the very early sketches of the first thumbnails and take you all the way through to the finished spot.

President: Mike Zimbard
Executive producer: Mike Donovan


illustration and animation agency representing a combination of emerging and veteran illustrators and animators from around the world. Each artist at Illozoo offers a unique style, technique and creative visual solution to clients in the advertising, design, publishing, corporate, fashion and gaming industry

Founder/Creative Director: Mohamed Danawi

crush + lab

Innovative multi platform production company. Combination of Film, TV and Commercial professional. Beauty is their business.

Partner/Creative Producer: David Solomini & Paula Tabalipa


Photography agency representing an extremely refined circle of artists

Founder/Creative Director: Mohamed Danawi

New York Office

+1 917.512.2724

Milan Office

+39 338.595.0828



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